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PRODEL will participate in the World Urban Forum

Publicado el 06/03/2014

FUNDACIÓN PRODEL will be participating in the next World Urban Forum, session No. 7 (WUF7) that will take place in Medellín, Colombia from April 5th to April 11th 2014.

The event “Public-Private Partnership to support progressive housing in Nicaragua” will be presented by a delegation of people from INVUR and Estelí Municipality representing the public sector; and representing the private sector The Interamerican Development Bank (BID), Fundación para el Desarrollo de Nueva Segovia (FUNDENUSE), Fundación PRODEL and Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua.

This is a good oportunity to share lessons learned and challanges to outcome of the Integral Improvement Housing Program that is sponsored by Nicaraguan Goernment with fonds from the IDB and supported by Fundación PRODEL, during the implementation of Technical Assistance Services for construction.

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