Rehabilitación de 168mts de camino

Local Development

Since 1993 PRODEL has been implementing a Program to build infrastructure projects with donations, called "Local Development Program", along several municipalities of the country. The funds provided by PRODEL are combined with resources of the municipality and the beneficiaries, to see that all of the actors are being involved in the project.

The program has as an objective to improve the living standards of the Nicaraguan families living at the base of the social pyramid, and being for the same reason the population that is more vulnerable to the adversities of the environment. With this program we promote the access to basic infrastructure and de availability of basic services mainly in low income neighborhoods in the periphery of the city and rural communities, working directly in the economic dynamization with the surge of new business that started after the improvements.

"With the municipal resources is not possible to implement all the projects needed by the population, we cannot go to every neighrborhood. With PRODEL the geographic scope has been increased." - Vice-mayor of Juigalpa. Benito Miranda.

PRODEL has given approximately 25% from its revenues to support infrastructure projects that have benefited to improve the living standars of many persons, helping with infrastructe deficit and basic services provisions in more than 20%.

Throughout 20 years PRODEL has financed around 750 projects, and has invested almost US$ 20,000,000.