Rehabilitación de 168mts de camino


Transparency: Transparency and good use of resources is a characteristic of all operations and manifests itself in all personnel. Our investors and clients recognize us for our accuracy and for the clarity of the information we provide.

Innovation: Our organization is constantly investigating market needs, and we examine our own products to fit the needs of our clients. We develop innovative approaches in order to be an organization in constant evolution and growth.

Efficiency: We make efficiency a fundamental concept that is reflected in the optimization of our resources, seeking the best results at a reasonable cost, and aiming to generate maximum benefit for both the organization and our clients.

Commitment: We have a commitment to the development of Nicaragua, to the fight against poverty, and to the search for living conditions characterized by dignity and equality, in harmony with nature and society as a whole.

Tenacity and perseverance: PRODEL has a staff that is persistent and tenacious in meeting their goals and objectives, both internally and through encouraging investors and clients in the common search for new development opportunities.

Professionalism: PRODEL staff is distinguished by professionalism, respect for others, and the ability to generate productive discussions. The staff harmonizes and creates a unified collective thinking, striving for excellence through their daily work and capturing new knowledge and capacity for personal and organizational growth.